Monday, December 13, 2010

Riley Copic Tutorial!

I've had lots of comments on how I colour Riley, so here's a quick tutorial on the colours and steps I use. I really like this look, so I tend to use the same colours and method for both Riley and Sophie. Here's a list of the copics I use.


I've tried several different papers, and my favorite, because of the effortless blending, is Neenah Solar white, I buy this from, and they now have vanilla too!

So to start, I use the R20, and colour circles on Riley's cheeks and inside his ear. Then I use E50 to colour his nose, or lower part of his face, going over the R20 on his cheeks.
Next, I use the E37 and go around the antlers and hooves where I think it would be the darkest.

Then I use E35 to colour the rest of his antlers and hooves. I go over this a few times til the E35 blends with the E37.

While I have the E35 out, I also use it to any areas of his face or body where I think it would be shaded or darker.
Then I colour his face, and usually body, with E33. I try to colour in small circles so there are no lines and it blends evenly.

It's hard to see in this photo, but I use E53 and colour along the arc of his nose to blend the E33 with the E50.

And I forgot the final phot, but for the last step, I take the E51 and colour over the whole nose, over the E50 and R20!

I hope this is helpful. This is just my favorite colours, you may prefer others.

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