Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Oh no Emily Has a Cast!

Hello, well one of Olivia's close friends, Emily is sporting a cast! She was injured during her soccer game! When hearing the news Olivia (9) was really upset & couldn't sleep. She asked if she could make a card for her friend the next day, so here's her card.

She picked the bikini Sophie and coloured her with prisma colour pencils & oms. She wasn't sure what layout to use, so I suggested she look through some of my cards. She chose this one.

She picked out the dp, and the colours to go along with it & the ribbon. She was also dying to use the dew drops, so she added those too. Olivia told me what she wanted the caption to be, it's computer generated! I helped put it together & made the cast.

Of course the finishing touch was the crutches charm!


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