Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The beginning!

Well what a year it's been! Hard to believe last July...yep 2007, I had my first Stampin' Up party! At that point I think I had attended a couple workshops. My Friends Sue & Sandee are Stampin' Up demonstrators so it's their fault that I'm hooked! Then they told me about http://splitcoaststampers.com/ so of course like many others I am totally addicted!

Unfortunately I'm one of those people who over thinks things...specially what I want to say online, so I will either bore you with unimportant overly thought out stuff til it sounds like blah blah blah...or it will be short to the point stuff...either way, and even if it's actually ok, I will probably rethink most or half of how and what I did or didn't say !!!! So please accept my apology now, but keep coming back cause I might get this right eventually!

Since starting stamping, and finding SCS, I used my Club Z points and got myself a digital camera! Then I learned how to put the pics on the computer & online! I know you all learned ages ago, but I hadn't taken the time before, so I'm happy I can do it now...and all because of stampin'. Now I just have to figure out how to put them on this blog!!!!

The first card I'm posting, is actually a card I made quite a while ago, but it includes lots of things I love, & how I got to this point! I first saw this stamp set used by Faith (markie'smom) http://stampinwithmarkiesmom.blogspot.com/ on SCS (the link above) so she's also to blame for my addiction! This led me to GinaK Designs, http://www.shop.ginakdesigns.com/category.sc?categoryId=11 , which led me to Melanie, . http://melaniemuenchinger.blogspot.com/ Melanie is the creator of these wonderful animal stamps and most recently, a T-shirt stamp set! So they are also to blame for my addiction!

Melanie often has contests/challenges! I've never been a competative person, but this kind of competition I seem to love! No one gets hurt and you could win something!

Oh yeah...I forgot I was talking about the card!!! OK so I like funny stuff, I like to laugh, & I believe laughter is the best medicine, and there just isn't enough of it! So I made this card for my Husband, he loved it! I I think it's cute & funny!

Now I have to figure out how to make my links smaller!